What We Do

Custom Club Fitting

Here at The ClubHouse we really do provide custom club fitting for everyone! We believe in both choice and affordability! We have a bespoke fitting studio laden with heads and shafts from all the major manufacturers and as we have no affiliation to any golf brand you can try all combinations, while using our TrackMan 4 technology to validate what we see during your custom fit. A huge bonus for you the golfer is that our studio opens up onto the driving range where we can see your ball flight. No nets here!! Our wedge fittings are truly one of a kind. We use the short game area and Par 3 course on site to let you test wedges with various lofts and bounce, ensuring that you test in the real environment and not from a mat.

TrackMan 4 Analysis

TrackMan 4 is an amazing piece of technology that we will use in our club fitting process. For those who don’t know, it’s a launch monitor that tracks everything the club does before during and after impact and tracks the ball flight too, from launch to landing!

  • Bring Your Coach! Many coaches do not own or even have access to TrackMan 4 and the information it provides! So we are offering you the opportunity to book your next coaching session at The ClubHouse with your coach.
  • Club Gapping. Our Club Gapping Sessions can be invaluable during your golf season. How many of you actually know how far you hit your clubs? I have spoken to friends who think their 6 iron travels 180 yards but in reality it never reaches the green. If this is you, then a club gapping session is a must for the season ahead.
  • Combine Testing. Want to test yourself against the TrackMan4? You can with combine testing, which allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your golf game!
  • TrackMan Fun 4! Bring your four ball to The ClubHouse! Compete against each other in some friendly competition and have some fun while staying warm and dry!

Loft and Lie Check

Do you know you should have your loft and lies checked every 3 – 6 months? This also depends on how often you play – but it’s worthwhile knowing that we are here to check these for you to ensure they are correct. Junior golfers should have these checked everytime they go through a major growth spurt.


Grips should be changed at least once a year!! It depends how often you play and how often you practice, as some can require changing as often as 2 – 3 times. Visit our ClubHouse Grip Station for advice. We stock all major grips.


The ClubHouse Full Fit


This session allows us to fit you for a full bag of clubs. It normally takes 60 – 90 minutes. During your session you will hit your current clubs, they are measured, weighed and the lofts and lies checked. We use our TrackMan 4 launch monitor, which validates what we can see and what you feel when you strike the ball. This enables us to establish if there is a better club for you. We will then help you find the perfect clubs.

The ClubHouse Mini Fit


Our Mini fit is great when you want to get fitted for either woods, irons or wedges! The session takes approximately 1 hour depending on your club choice! We have been told that our wedge fittings are the best in Ireland and take advantage of the par 3 course and short game area we have on site to ensure you can test various wedge brands, lofts, bounce and grinds. It is essential to be able to strike full shots with your wedges and not just off mats. We can do that at The ClubHouse!

The ClubHouse TrackMan

Club Gapping £30.00
Bring Your Coach £25.00
Combine Testing £30.00
TrackMan Fun £60.00

The ClubHouse ClubCard

Our ClubCard is a great way for saving for your next club or set of clubs. We understand it can be a major purchase! You can deposit any amount you like, whenever you like to your ClubCard and use what you save -either for full or partial payment towards your new clubs or repairs.

The ClubHouse Pass

These are our version of the gift voucher! Everyone who goes to a golf tournament whether a PGA or European Tour event wants a ClubHouse Pass! Well we have them just for you. They come in £50, £20, £10 and £5 denominations.

GUI Vouchers

The ClubHouse will also accept GUI vouchers towards any purchase or you can add them to your clubcard!